I have used my platforms on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to challenge myself and others to analyze U.S. culture as it relates to current events and pop culture in hopes that people will become more aware of the systems that surround us. 


An Open Letter to Marc Jacobs: When will you Understand?

Posted September 27, 2016

We live in an increasingly global world – a tired statement at this point but one that on the face is quite true. With our constant updates on current trends, celebrities, influencers, and awareness of varied cultures, we are all global citizens in a way: Consuming information from different parts of the world that we never had access to just 20 years ago.

Stop using Gandhi to silence Baltimore. He is not our hero.

Posted May 01, 2015

We are all familiar with people using MLK Jr. as a way to police #BlackLIvesMatter. Now, people have recently begun to use Mohandas Gandhi as a way to police Baltimore, because clearly making a trope out of one human being is just not enough.  Doing so ...



Posted March 20, 2015

Common has been saying too many words lately that I need to talk about—words that I just don’t agree with. It began with his speech at the Golden Globes, then the Oscars and now his words on the Daily Show? Like damn. All this is making me realize that Common is going down a road that I just. don’t. get.  


i think i just broke with kanye west

Posted February 21, 2015

Kanye. I’ve been with you from the start— the start. When you first came on the scene back in ‘04, I loved what you represented: the slighted, but sort of genius underdog. And your outspoke nature? I often vibed with it. Your sense of self, I felt it somehow mirrored mine, and so I ALWAYS defended it. Sometimes, I think a little too much though.