Kanye West infamous appearance on 105.1's the Breakfast Club that sparked a great deal of controversy around his niece Kylie Jenner and ex-girlfriend Amber Rose

Kanye West infamous appearance on 105.1's the Breakfast Club that sparked a great deal of controversy around his niece Kylie Jenner and ex-girlfriend Amber Rose

Hm, I think I just broke up with Kanye West.

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After hearing yesterday’s Breakfast Club interview, it’s gonna be hard to overlook his antics this time. It might be time for me to finally throw in the towel. 

Kanye. I’ve been with you from the start— the start. When you first came on the scene back in ‘04, I loved what you represented: the slighted, but sort of genius underdog. And your outspoke nature? I often vibed with it. Your sense of self, I felt it somehow mirrored mine, and so I ALWAYS defended it. Sometimes, I think a little too much though. I guess perhaps because I got where you were coming from. You felt overlooked and further, you felt your community was overlooked. I understood that Black self-love because as a brown Indian woman, I sometimes feel like I’m put in that same position. But then, there was 2008 with Taylor Swift. You went too far, but I thought to myself, ‘I get it… he feels some type of way when someone in his community doesn’t get the cred they deserve.’ I didn’t agree with how you stole the stage from Taylor, but I got it. Even more recently with Beck I thought to myself, ‘Hm, a little more off-base here. He really needs to sit his ass down at this point. But I get where he’s coming from.’ People BEEN done with you at this point, but I kept thinking, hoping really, that you would snap out of this. This new look you been donning…I CAN’T. I should probably just hold my breath though, because this Breakfast Club interview? You’re going down a road I just cant deal with anymore.

Your comments on needing to take ‘30 showers’ after you been with Amber just to be with Kim was an unnecessary and kinda BS dagger. Do you know your wife? Or she been training you to think otherwise because no shade to Kim, but Amber and Kim have careers largely built on doing the same things: they are both socialite, personality types who have dated several celebrities. So, why did you do you her like that? Why slut-shame Amber Rose, when Kim’s career was founded on the same shit? Their careers are SO similar. If anything, Amber Rose at least owns up to her list of credentials whereas Kim tries to hide behind her antics. 


When you pit Amber and Kim up against one another, it just seems like a slam on WoC and also those who live in poverty, since Amber Rose is of mixed ancestry and she grew up in a fam struggling to make ends meet. But Kanye’s politics have always had an element of colorism in them especially in regards to women.

Then, you lifted Kim up once again, for her Paper magazine cover; a cover that mimicked Grace Jones’ cover in a way that seemed a bit of a mockery (another topic for another day), since Kim’s butt was purchased whereas Grace Jones’ was not, but for a moment I was still with you on some points. There should never be anything wrong with a woman showing her body, mother or not, naked bodies should be celebrated, but then…you went too far; shouting from the rooftops that her body type should be celebrated just as much as thin, model type bodies…that one day your daughter North might have a body like that and until that moment you would fight to have that body celebrated. That comment was TOO hard to ignore, since Kim wasn’t born with a butt like that. She bought it. So, you’re going to fight for equal representation for a body that she got at the store? North might inherent a body like that, even though you CAN LITERALLY NEVER inherent a body that was bought?? 

Kanye. Is there something stuck in your eye? Have you been drinking that Kim K juice too long? You confused? Or are you just plain stupid? Last time I checked, Kim is not Black. Yes, she has a butt like many Black women have, but Kim bought hers. So can you just own up to that? Or at least stop talking about it? Yes, she is married to you and you have a mixed race daughter, but Kim is not all of sudden inducted into the Black girls’ club. No, no, NO. Kim is not Black. She will never be Black. So, stop trying to make Black happen. It’s not something trendy like a piece of jewelry and it ain’t ever gonna happen. 

But WAIT, there was more. As if that laundry list I just gave you wasn’t enough…Kanye, you had to dig even deeper. When Charlamagne (cthegod’s words always piss me off tbh) directly asked you if ‘Tyga’s relationship with your sister-in-law is inappropriate?’ Your response was:

 Photo credit:  Professor Sweet Pea  

Photo credit: Professor Sweet Pea 

I found that comment slightly disgusting. EVEN with the unedited “I think they in love” comment, ‘he got in early’ is still suspect. Who talks about a girl like that? Family, no less? Is a women’s sexuality and further her sexual freedom that much of a normalized talking point? You basically insinuated that it’s smart to get to a woman first, perpetuating the idea that it’s problematic being with a women who done been with several people, as if they’re dirty, even though you are married to Kim, a woman whose career, again, has been largely elevated by dating several high-profile celebrities. But I mean you just dragged Amber for that. You said you needed 30 showers after that relationship. So, I have no doubt in my mind that’s what you meant about Kylie. No doubt. 

Coming out of that interview, I’m stunned. Stunned. What is this Kanye? I don’t know what’s happening here, but I just don’t recognize you anymore. You have lost your damn mind. Lost it. And I’m writing this as I stare at my Kanye West online library— all your albums sitting in a pretty little row and I wonder where/when you changed.  I’ve always had some words about your racial politics and also your race/gender politics, but I never had to sit through the latter on an interview. You kept those thoughts in your music..so I dealt with it. But even so, the old Kanye would never have kidded himself ‘four five seconds’ about the “authenticity” of Kim Kardashian and her body. But now..in the words of Drake, you just ‘so far gone.’




EDIT: The shoot that Kim Kardashian’s Paper magazine cover was based on was that of Carolina Beaumont not Grace Jones. Thank you to the person who brought it to my attention.